Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cleaning Windows

I have been told I live in a cave. Really, I have been told that (I think by my Mom). Yes, I have a tendency to keep my blinds and curtains closed. all.day.long. I'm working on it. Slowly, letting the sun shine in is growing on me, especially with this horrifically long winter we have had. I've just got to get me some sunshine. Yes, it snowed again today. Yes, it made me kind of grumpy. Yes, I do fear we might just skip spring & summer altogether.

Imagine my horror when I pull up my blinds to see this nastiness. Gross. Mega, mega gross. I guess I need to pull up my blinds more often. Time to get down to spring window cleaning business.

Here's my window cleaning tip that most of you probably already know. Use a Q-tip. They are ever-so-handy to get into all those little cracks and corners. First, spray everything down with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. Then use your handy q-tip to clean away. Lastly, wipe everything (window pane, tracks, sills, etc.) down with some paper towel or a cloth. I also spray the blinds down with the solution and use an old sock to wipe them clean. It works for me. Now...if only if it would quit snowing, I could clean my outside windows...sigh. Anyone have any other window cleaning tips?

Much better!

Clean windows and window sills.

Since I've cleaned my windows, I've been enjoying pulling back the curtains and opening the blinds to let the sun shine in (okay, the day I wrote this post it was cloudy, but oh well). Maybe my cave days are over...if only the sun would shine.

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