Thursday, April 28, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing # 17

This week I tackled our top shelf in the master bedroom and the bathroom closet. The goal was to get the linens and towels organized and move the medicines out of the bathroom since medicines shouldn't be stored in the bathroom due to the high humidity.

Before: Top shelf of master bedroom (mostly unorganized linens)...Hmm...I see I need to do some more work in the closet, too!

After: Our winter duvet, memory love boxes, blank greeting cards, and medicines. Our old comforters that we don't use and extra blankets will now be stored under the bed in clear containers.

Before: Bathroom Closet ( some shelves look a little empty because I was washing the towels, which is why I figured it was a good day to organize it!)

Before: Bathroom Closet

After: I even learned the Martha Stewart way of folding a fitted took me a few tries. ha ha. Now our extra sheets and pillow cases are on one shelf rather than scattered here and there. Before this, some were in the hall closet & some on the master bedroom shelf. Now, all are on one shelf here in the bathroom.

I have to admit that I'm a little bit disappointed that my bathroom closet doesn't look a bit neater than this, but it seems rolling the towels just works better here as opposed to folding them. Also, we have quite the assortment of mismatched towels! At least everything has its place in there now and I can know where to go if I need to find towels & linens!

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momma on a mission said...

Great Job!!!

Anonymous said...

It still looks great. Quite the accomplishment!

Alexandra said...

Great job! I still need to organize my linen closet. I like the idea of rolling some of the items. Thanks for the idea.

Martianne said...

It looks real and workable. That's what's important. And, organized, too. Double bonus!

Natacha said...

Hey there! I just walked in and realize we have the same kind of projects going on! I did my linen closet yesterday and organized my clothes today:) You did a great job! I love how it turned out andhope it makes your life a little easier :)

margo said...

Looks good! Also I think it is a wonderful testimony to post the way of salvation on your blog. I am reminded constantly that "only what's done for Christ will last."

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