Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rainy/Snowy Tuesday

It's another rainy ***Correction** I just checked outside.... make that rainy/SNOWY day - the kind of day when all you (as in, I) feel like doing is staying inside and baking or cooking all day. Anyway, here's what I'm hoping to get done today:

  • Clean bathrooms (done)
  • Scrub tub/shower (done)
  • Wash baby's laundry/Fold/Put away (done)
  • Wash bedding (done)
  • Brown 2 lbs ground beef for tomorrow's Tortellini Soup, Thursday's Undone Pepper Casserole, and baby food (now done)
  • Make up a batch of squash and beef baby food (now done plus some with chicken)
  • Make a batch of homemade pizza pockets
  • Make a batch of mini pies with same pizza pocket dough
  • Listen to a homeschooling session
  • Pack husband's lunch for tomorrow
  • Exercise
  • Empty and take out garbage
  • Play around with sewing machine (if I have time today)

1 comment:

Deeny said...

Hi sorry your title amused me - It's May and you said it was a snowy Tuesday-- Wow that is just so not where I live. It is 90 degrees and humid and muggy where i live- Well obviously you must live in the great White North but snow? Enjoy your nice cool weather
:-) It is going to be a long hot summer here. of course we have a winter here that most are envious of. Well have a great day Deeny :-)

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