Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mennonite Craving & Update

oops..accidentally hit publish before I was done saying all I wanted to say!

I have a hankering for some good old Mennonite food today. My menu plan got a bit jumbled up this week. I made pizza yesterday instead of beef burgundy, and today instead of beef burgundy, I've decided I need a good Mennonite soup with cheese biscuits instead. We have leftover sausage in the freezer from Monday's sausage and perogies, so I'm cooking up some delicious Summer Borscht for supper. Ohhh...yum! Too bad I don't have any fresh dill right now; I guess dried will have to do, but I do happen to have sorrel leaves in the freezer :-D. Perfect! Recipe to come...
In the words of our Little Miss Ellie, it's going to be "SOOOO good!"

In other news....I have had a fairly busy & productive week this week. Monday was an unusually productive day, and I got the following accomplished
-6 loaves of bread
-batch of cinnamon rolls
-Planted the garden
-Did a bunch of other yard work

On Tuesday our flower bed got a revamp as my Mom came and helped me redesign my flower bed (which was taken over by gout weed last year...I spent ALL summer getting rid of that nasty stuff) and plant flowers. She even brought me some miniature irises from my Grandpa and Grandma's homestead (that is now turned into farmland), so that is pretty special. We took turns working on the flower bed and keeping Ellie out of trouble. Um yeah, she may or may not have laid down in a mud puddle, and I just remembered now that I forgot to take a picture of her adorably muddy self. Grrr...

Only thing is...Monday and Tuesday's busyness kind of knocked me out for the rest of this week! I feel like I almost need the rest of the week to recover. LOL. Ah yes...Thursday means dusting. I greatly dislike dusting. Oh well. It only takes me probably less than 20 minutes. I guess I should stop complaining and just get it over with!

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Moon-Shadows said...

Do you follow a house work schedule such as laundry on monday, dusting on thursday?? If so please share!! I too have a few plants from my grandparents place, very special indeed, thank you for a wonderful post.

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