Monday, May 9, 2011

Mommy Moment Mondays: Call Me Mommy

Ellie is loving playing outside now that we've finally had some decent weather (read not snow!).

This past week she started doing something funny that would not be so funny in a year or two. She has been referring to us by our first names! It is so hard to not laugh when she does this. On Mother's Day, she was sitting in her high chair and she wanted something, but instead of saying Mommy, she said, "Jenna...JENNNNa.....JenNA?". And yes, she's done this with my husband, too. Once she even called my husband by his first and last name! Thankfully, it is done in all innocence (so far!) When she does this, I nicely correct her and say, "No, call me Mommy." :-D

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